Burial Services

The Glendale Cemetery has burial space available throughout the grounds.  General pricing is listed below.  Please contact the office for more details and other pricing options such as special pricing for burial packages.  Many options are available, and the staff at the Glendale Cemetery is ready to work with everyone to accommodate their personal and financial needs.

Single Grave Pricing

       Sections: 31 and 24 (Great Meadow)       $ 1,425.00
       All Other Sections                                        $ 1,250.00

Opening and Closing Services     

             Monday - Friday                                    $ 1,075.00
             Saturday                                                  $ 1,450.00

Cremation Services

      Columbarium and Cremation Garden
            Niche (2 rights, 1 O/C, granite cover with inscription)        $ 3,425.00
            In-ground Burial (grave, O/C, urn vault, flat marker)         $ 2,435.00

     All Other Sections
             Cremation Graves                                                                        $    725.00
             Opening & Closing: Monday – Friday                                     $    575.00
                    Saturday                                                                                  $   800.00
             Second Right of Interment (includes opening/closing)       $ 1,100.00
             Urn Vault (required for burial of cremains)                           $    185.00

Please contact the staff in the Glendale Cemetery office for more pricing options, including burial packages and pre-need pricing arrangements.