Friends of Glendale

The Friends of Historic Glendale Cemetery is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the Glendale Cemetery as a historical landmark, and also as an active cemetery.  The organization assists in the maintenance and operation of the Glendale Cemetery through donations from the public and various private foundations.  The organization seeks donations for general operations and also for projects initiated by the Board of Trustees for the benefit of the Glendale Cemetery and all who visit.

The Glendale Cemetery is physically unique with great character.  The winding roads, rolling hillsides, hundreds of mature trees, and diverse monuments provide a beautiful and serene landscape.  These features also present the staff at Glendale with the challenging task of maintaining the grounds in a condition that is respectful to those who rest at Glendale, and all who visit the historic cemetery.  The historical buildings on the grounds also require continuous maintenance and repair work.

Donations may be made to assist with the general care and maintenance of the Glendale Cemetery, or may be directed toward a particular current project at the discretion of the donor. 

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