Pre-Need Arrangements

Preplanning your cemetery arrangements provides peace of mind for you and those who will survive you.  Making those difficult decisions for your own burial choices will ease the burden for your survivors, as most end-of-life decisions have already been taken care of.  Your family and friends will also be consoled by the fact that your final resting place was one of your choosing.  The Glendale Cemetery is a dignified choice for burial that creates a special place to honor the wishes of the deceased while providing closure for survivors.

Our staff recognizes the challenges of making decisions concerning burial options. We assist you with care and compassion in making these difficult, yet important decisions. The Glendale Cemetery will always will be a sacred place of remembrance, a place of tranquility to reflect upon the lives of those we have loved, and a place to seek inspiration and celebrate the memories of those who have touched our lives.

Planning ahead and sharing your burial wishes with your family and friends is a comforting gift.  By pre-arranging your burial, you are also able to lock into today's grave and burial service prices.  Once pre-need burial arrangements have been made, future price increases will not affect the services which you have already paid for.  Today's prices for a future burial - an investment that will prove beneficial to your surviviors.

For more information on our cemetery services including pre-need arrangement services and pricing, email or call us, and a member of our staff will be in touch with you.